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Maalouli International Group®
Three words make all the difference!


Founder of 'Save Our Children'©

'Save Our Children'© is a charity activity helping children in need in Middle East and Africa, as well conducted & launched the song "SOC". Organized several gala dinners, hosted numerous of celebrities and VIPs, with the collaboration of CNN© and Euro News©. The profits were donated to the SOS Village© and Unicef© Child Abuse funds.

Middle East and Africa.

Founder of Inspiration'©

'Inspiration'© firma is a full-service licensed and secured company head-quarters based in Dubai with a branch in Beirut and Milan. Providing high quality consultancy, solution and services to private and commercial sectors including government departments in the Middle East and Africa. Providing pragmatic full spectrum services from design review to installation, emphasis on quality control and time-frame. Also sourcing and procuring in FF&E and OS&E within the hospitality industry.

Experts in hotels and palaces designing, solution, renovation and refurbishing to maintain quality level, safety, time schedules and legal requirements to achieve contracts completion and handover valuing client’s welfare and satisfaction.

The company services include:                   Project Management * High quality Interior Decoration * Architecture Designs * Execution and Supervision * Renovation and Snagging * Staging and Mock-up Turnkey Project * Renovation and Snagging * Furnishing and Refurbishing * Joinery and Upholstery * Property Maintenance * Real Estate. More info

Dubai, Beirut and Milan.

Founder of ’Staging Services'©

'Staging Services'© available now in the UAE and Middle East! It is a technique to accelerate and enhance the real estate agency property’s sale or rent, with no financial obligation applicable whatsoever from the agency. The reason a property is staged is to make it look attracting and inviting to interested buyers or renters who come in for a viewing. It is the very best proven way to get top money for property as prepare it for sale or rent.

'Staging Services'© is a customized solution in order to maximize each property’s sale or rent performance, especially important when inventory is high and the market is challenging, not to forget the displeased property owners and developers. More info

Middle East and Africa.

Partnership and Management

’Farisco Departmental Store'© was the first departmental store in Africa established in 1960 introducing a new concept to the African market the shopping capability of the entire products in one structure and under one rooftop.

’Budget Construction & Designing'© is a proprietor and project management company in Lebanon established in 1972. The company involved in huge construction projects such as luxury residential buildings and commercial centers. The company known for it’s high quality standards in finishing and durability taking into consideration the smallest detail measures and value for money. More info

’Farisco Industry'© is the first carbon factory in Africa established in 1978. Manufacturing all kind of high tech carbon products.

’Farisons Industry'© is the first and the biggest wood and laminated sheet factory in Africa established in 1980. The factory is well known in its exceptional numerous designs and high quality products.

Ghana, Nigeria and Lebanon

The ’Dome’© technology

Signed a joint-venture agreement with the 'Dome'©, it's a Scandinavian concept and technology developed by Inspiration team to adapt the Middle Eastern and the African custom and climate, these safe and durable structure domes are a good choice for all types of architectural needs.

Most of the materials used to construct a dome are non-flammable and safe enough in some architectural structures to be approved for construction by the municipality and the civil defense authorities. Insulated dome offer superb energy efficiency, cooling a dome typically costs 1/4 to 1/2 less than a conventional concrete building the same size.

The 'Dome'© has proven its strength and durability because of its inherent strength, as well able to withstand the forces of nature and winds of 150 MPH with no structural damage, as it allows winds to pass around it. The 'Dome'© is a choice to be recognized, still under construction in Abu Dhabi-United Arab emirates.

Middle East and Africa.


Al Jazira'© Island 

Signed a project management contract to renovate and decorate the 'Al Jazira'© island. It is a nature preserve island owned by Abu Dhabi royal family.

'Al Jazira'© island is a hotel, resort and marina with 30 bungalows spread on a golden sandy beach situated between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Ghantoot area highway exit 399, only few minutes from Ghantoot Polo Club©, 15 minute from 'Formula 1'© track, 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi airport and 45 minutes from Dubai airport.

The island is a place where guests escape from the city congestion searching for peace and relaxation, managed by Golden Tulip© worldwide chain. More info

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Exclusive designer and representative of Euro-Tag'©

'Euro-tag'© is the first professional firm in Europe awarded for special designs of inflatable marquees and tents.

‘Euro-tag’© exporting worldwide of all sizes high quality and durable inflatable marquees and tents used by worldwide celebrities and stars for weddings, parties, concerts, fashion shows, all kind of events and activities. As well make to order inflatable products according to costumer requirements and measurements for all type of designs, colors, shapes and sizes. More info

Middle East and Africa.

Partnership and Management

Compass Wood Works has a proven record of excellence and success for over 25 years in designing and manufacturing huge and well known projects in the Middle East. No matter the size of your project, the experienced professionals at Compass Wood Works will plan, design, construct, and maintain your project. More info

Jeddah, Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA)